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I help competitive studio dancers raise confidence, release fear & improve technique by understanding their bodies & building awareness.

Developing Artistry with Science and Education.

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Discover if your dance training meets your needs and new ways to think about your abilities!


Specializing in

Dance Technique Development through...

Functional  Training,

Body  Awareness,

Injury Management

Risk Reduction


work with me

For Dancers

1:1 Technique Intensive

12 Week Small Group Coaching

At Home Training Plans

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For Studios

Progressing Technique Workshops & Consultations

Teacher Professional Development Workshops

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What dance families

are saying about working with BCA...

"Miss Brittany has been working with my daughter for the last two months and we cannot believe how much progress she already has made.  Brittany has patience like no other.  She is kind, helpful, and extremely educated in her field.  She makes ballet interesting and fun.

Annabella's technique has improved significantly since Miss Brittany has been working with her.  We are so grateful for the knowledge and kindness she has shared with our daughter and we would highly recommend her!"

                                                                          - Stacy & Annabella, 1:1 Client 

"Miss Brittany is there for me on a personal level and is a

mentor to me. I have learned anatomy and physiology in terms of becoming flexible, preventing injury, and becoming stable [while dancing]. I would reccomend her because she prevents injury, while strengthening and releasing muscles."

                                         - Hayley H., 12 Week Program Client

"Miss Brittany always brings out the best in me to help me improve. I have learned how to take care of my body better, and how to prevent injury.

​                                  - T., 1:1 Client

"Simply put, Brittany knows her stuff. She knows how to teach proper technique to prevent injury. She knows the way the body works and she relates well to teens. Most of all, if you put in the work, you see the results."

                       - Kelly A., 1:1 Client

Preparation for performances happens beyond your dancing!

Knowing this, BC Artistry supports you on your journey to the stage by collaborating with these amazing partners:


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Brittany is also a blog writer

for The Muse, by Apolla Performance!

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