BC Artistry was created to fill the need for comprehensive and individualized dance education that focuses on body awareness and injury prevention for young competitive and pre-professional dancers and their communities. Dancers are guided to success via scientifically founded education on anatomical body alignment, functional movement, muscular strength & flexibility, and the prevention of injuries within their dance technique. Knowledge of the body and functions of movement in dance technique applied appropriately to a dancer's desired skills and individual learning needs is the formula for success in the field of dance.  

BCA's Approach to Dance Training

Understanding your instrument:

the role of science in your dance education

Have you ever played an instrument?

I can remember teachers guiding me to learn about each part of an instrument, what it did, and how parts worked together to create music before I was ever guided on how to play a single note. I had to understand how making music was possible and how to care for my instrument so that it would continue to create desired sounds. A lot of understanding and management goes into the creation of beautiful music and the development of artistry. 

As a dancer, your body is your instrument!

Do you know all the parts that are involved in your movement, how they work together to make you dance, and how to care for them? Your bones and muscles are what make it possible to perform elaborate and complex movement patterns, like those found in dance. Without proper

understanding of each of our moving parts, what

they do to help us move, how they work in our

technique, and how to properly care for them,

how will we be able to consistently create

and perform desired movements?


Understanding of the body and movement

sciences that support your dance technique is

a vital part of improving dance abilities and

preventing injuries. BC Artistry helps design

dance education programs to specifically guide

you in developing your understanding of your instrument

while you learn about and improve your dance technique.

Find success in your future dance performances through

dance education and science.

Meet Your Dance Guide!

Brittany Cohen,      EdM, BFA, HMS, CPT, Certified Yoga Instructor

A knowledgeable dance educator, seasoned performer, and researcher in dance science, Brittany has inspired and supported young dancers through her work with BC Artistry, offering personalized and comprehensive education and consultation.

  • Master's in Dance Education (K-12)

  • Bachelor's in Dance Performance

  • Psychology Studies minor

  • Certified Human Movement Specialist

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Yoga Therapeutics Practitioner

  • Experienced in K-12 & Higher Education

  • Dancer Wellness & Functional Training Program Designer

"I began my dance journey at a young age, and have been working in the dance field studying, teaching, and researching for the last decade! Oh, what a wonderful journey it had been! Today, my goals include advocating for the importance of dance education and dance science in the lives of young dancers and helping them maintain their wellness while improving abilities. I have been continually seeking knowledge about dance injuries and safe pedagogical practices for dance educators and teachers. I have co-presented my discoveries about dance science, dance injuries, and injury prevention in training in workshops for both dance educators and dance students. I aspire to guide young dancers to understand their bodies and the way they move in order to achieve healthy and fulfilled careers in the field of dance. My hope is to elevate the way in which teachers approach dance education and technique to encourage more successful careers for dancers."

Inspiration for BC Artistry

"As an undergraduate student at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, I discovered a multitude of chronic injuries which I had sustained as a young dancer, and even experienced some acute injuries during training. This difficult time inspired me to explore the world of dance science as well as the sciences of the body to better understand the injuries I had experienced. My personal journey for knowledge led me to work closely with athletic trainers, peers, educators, and even medical professionals in the dance field. It was during this time of seeking knowledge that I became aware of the overwhelming gap between the worlds of science and dance.

As I continued my studies towards a Master's for Dance Education (K-12) and teaching in private dance studios, I realized that young dancers were missing out on developing their understanding of their priceless instrument, their own uniquely beautiful bodies. I created BC Artistry with the intention of helping bridge the gap between dance and science for young dancers to support the development of their dance artistry in and beyond the studio. "

"Dance with passion,

succeed with science."

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