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  • Master's in Dance Education (K-12)

  • BFA in Dance Performance

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Human Movement Specialist

  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Yoga Therapeutics Practitioner

  • Experienced in K-12 & Higher Education

  • Dancer Wellness & Functional Training Program Designer

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I'm Brittany Cohen





Dance Educator, Coach & Trainer













A dancer's worst nightmare...


created BC Artistry with the intention of bridging the gap

between dance technique and body & movement sciences for young dancers ,

helping to support the safe enhancement of dancer's abilties.

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BCA's Approach to Dance Training



 Understanding your instrument:

   the role of science in your dance education

Have you ever played an instrument?

I can remember teachers guiding me to learn about each part of an instrument,

what it did, and how parts worked together to create music before I was ever guided on how to play a single note.


I had to understand how making music was possible and how to care for my instrument so that it would continue to create desired sounds. A lot of understanding and management goes into the creation of beautiful music and the development of artistry. 

As a dancer, your body is your instrument!

muslce and bone.jpg

Do you know all the parts that are involved in your movement, how they work together to make you dance, and how to care for them? Your bones and muscles are what make it possible to perform elaborate and complex movement patterns, like those found in dance. Without proper understanding of each of our moving parts, what they do to help us move, how they work in our technique, and how to properly care for them, how will we be able to consistently create

and perform desired movements?


Understanding of the body and movement

sciences that support your dance technique is

a vital part of improving dance abilities and

preventing injuries. BC Artistry helps design

dance education programs to specifically guide

you in developing your understanding of your

instrument while you learn about and improve your

dance technique. Find success in your future dance

performances through dance education and science.

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