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 Personalized Performance Development Program

Is your young dancer (ages 7-14) wishing...

- For more flexibility?
- For more strength to improve dance technique?

- To prevent injuries from stopping dance training?
- To return to dance while managing an existing injury?
- To improve their ability to perform choreography?

- To add more turns into pirouette sequences?
- Teachers would call on them to demonstrate skills and technique in classes?

- To advance to a higher class or technique level?

- To improve their abilities to perform a specific skill?
- Judges would give higher scores at competition?
- For acceptance into top dance schools and programs?

I can help your dancer make those dreams a reality by designing a personalized dance education and training program that meets their needs! I will guide your dancer through a twelve week program filled with exercises and movement phrases that is made JUST FOR THEM and designed to meet their goals. This program will guide your dancer to develop knowledge and awareness of their body to support their artistry so they CAN BE a successful dancer with increased abilities!

12 Week Program Includes:

  • An Initial Assessment Session

  • Demonstration & Education Sessions

  • Individual Training Exercises/Schedules

  • Application & Feedback Sessions

  • A Final Assessment & Future Focus Session

*results are only guaranteed if dancer completes

Assigned Individual Training Exercises/Schedules.


The first step to reaching your dance goals is acknowledging where you are and realizing where you want to be! Let's Chat!


Let's Dance Together!

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