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Making Dance Dreams a Reality: 5 Steps to Reaching Goals at Home

Dreams become reality through ACTION! Creating and achieving goals is how we create a path for action that leads us to realizing our dance dreams. Reaching our individual goals requires more than the efforts put in during the studio. Often, the studio is where we start putting our abilities to the test. Developing habits at home is how we can support improving our dance abilities and lead us to better results in the studio or on stage. Plus, dancers can utilize the skill of setting and attaining goals in and beyond their dance training. Here are five steps all dancers can work through to help them make their dance dreams a reality at home.


Establish A Positive Dancer Mindset:

  • Understand your current abilities and self-image as a dancer.

  • Assess your own point of view on your experiences & abilities.

  • Take note of any corrections you have received or critiques you have been given.

  • Know that your abilities are NOT fixed, and you can ALWAYS improve.

  • Come from a place of love! Show gratitude to your body and your dance journey.

Looking for more support in developing your positive dancer mindset? Email: Subject: Positive Dancer for access to a free webinar and a free poster to inspire your positive mindset as you reach your goals.

Create a Foundation for Growth with your Passion:

  • Ask yourself why you dance and what you love about it! This will serve as another important motivator in your journey to goal achievement.

  • What do you want to achieve? Create an ultimate goal for your dancing within a specific distant time (i.e. a year, a season, summer break, etc.)

  • Define what you would like to improve in your dancing to help you reach that goal.

Create the Path:

  • Ask yourself what three things need to happen for me to improve? What can be improved within your time frame, realistically?

  • List 1-3 things you want to accomplish by the end of your time frame that will help you to improve so you can reach that ultimate goal. (i.e. if having higher leg extensions is your Ultimate Goal you might need more core strength, more flexibility in your hips, and improved lower body stability for balance to get there).

If you are not sure what three things you might need to help you reach your goal. sign up for a Free Phone Consultation for more support and a chance to discuss your options.

Define & Walk your Path:

  • Where the work truly begins - break your 1-3 goals down into action that you can take every week to help you get closer toward your goal. Remember - creating the plan is only the first step, your achievement only comes if you follow and stick to the plan, with consistent effort.

Support Your Goals & Set A Reward:

  • Acknowledge barriers or obstacles that could get in the way of your weekly habits or overall goal achievement.

  • Create a system to help you stay motivated. Include a person who will support your habits and process, set reminders, use images and quotes, and check back in with your why from part two above!

  • Set a reward that will keep you excited to reach your goal.


Some Final Tips for Working Towards your Goals:

  • Keep moving forward and work towards progress, no matter what excuses or lack of instant gratification you might experience.

  • Success is the result of MASSIVE effort. It will require consistent hard work to improve your abilities and bring those dreams to life! Enjoy it.

  • Your abilities can ALWAYS be developed, and YOU are in control of your development.

  • Celebrate each day, each development, and each moment of your journey.

  • Always love yourself & care for your body (training, rest, nutrition, self-care, etc.).

  • See the success of others as inspiration, not something to compare yourself to. See what approaches you can adapt that would work for your goals and plan.

  • Connect with other passionate dancers and inspire one another.

  • When something isn't working, don't give up. Learn, adapt, and continue to grow!

  • Have a support group at home (family & friends).

  • Goal reaching is achieved through steps and struggles. Each small achievement will add up to your ultimate goal.

I am here for you!

Would you like more support in setting your goals?

Join the BCA 5 Day Dancer Goal Setting Challenge that launches on June 29th! In this challenge you will get daily tasks that help you define the details of your goals and establish a clear path to reaching them!

Dancers who engage in the challenge's Daily Social Media Check In's will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a FREE pair of Apolla Shocks! Plus, BCA is offering an exclusive training discount to dancers who join in the challenge. We are offering you EVERYTHING you need to reach your goals this summer.

The only question is, will you show up and do the work?

If you are ready to set and achieve your goals this summer, sign up for the FREE challenge!

Click here to get more information and sign up for the challenge.

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