Individual Services

Each of my services is designed to support your individual dance needs with education and science, all with the mission of helping your passion for dance shine in performances! One-on-one programs allow for dancers to understand their bodies, correct their weaknesses and habits, and apply what they learn to their dance technique to rapidly improve overall ability. Dancers receive consistent communication, guidance, and encouragement through these services.

Areas for development in Dance:

 Stability, Alignment, Strength, Flexibility, Technique, Endurance

From beginners through skilled dancers ages seven and up, BC Artistry’s services include individualized preparation for:  

  • Competitions 

  • Dance Studio Acknowledgement

  • Professional Workshops

  • Secondary and Higher Education Auditions

  • General Technique Classes 

  • Professional Company Auditions

Examples of dancer achievement under the guidance of BC Artistry include:

  • Acceptance into American Ballet Theatre Certified School of Ballet at the Mason Gross School of the Arts' Junior and Pre-Conservatory Program

  • Title Achievement at Nation Talent/Dance Competitions

 Personalized Performance Development Program

Are you a young dancer (ages 7-14) who wishes...

- For more flexibility?
- You had more strength to improve your dance technique?

- To prevent injuries from stopping your dance training?
- To return to dance while managing an existing injury?
- To improve your ability to perform choreography?

- To add more turns into your pirouette sequences?
- Teachers would call on you to demonstrate skills and technique in classes?

- To advance to a higher class or technique level?
- Judges would give you higher scores at competition?
- For acceptance into top dance schools and programs?

I can help you to make these dreams a reality by designing a personalized dance education and training program that meets your needs! I will guide you through a twelve week program filled with exercises and movement phrases that is made JUST FOR YOU and designed to meet your goals. This program will guide you to develop knowledge and awareness of your body to support your artistry so you CAN BE a successful dancer with increased abilities!

12 Week Program Includes:

  • An Initial Assessment Session

  • Demonstration & Education Sessions

  • Individual Training Exercises/Schedules

  • Application & Feedback Sessions

  • A Final Assessment & Future Focus Session

*results are only guaranteed if dancer completes

Assigned Individual Training Exercises/Schedules.


The first step to reaching your dance goals is acknowledging where you are and realizing where you want to be! Let's Chat!

Private Lessons

Private lessons offers the opportunity to get individualized guidance to help you develop your skills as a dancer in the comfort of your own home. A progressive program is designed uniquely to meet the needs of each dancer so they may improve abilities. An Initial Assessment is conducted prior to the onset of lessons to allow us to meet with the dancer and their support system, assess dancer knowledge and understandings, and evaluate the space in your home where lessons will take place.


In lessons alignment, technique, performance quality, specific dance skill set

(pirouette, allegro, choreography retention, and more) will flourish! Dancers will be well prepared to take the knowledge and understanding they gain into classes, workshops, auditions, and performances.

Genres of Dance Lessons






Lessons are available in 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute sessions. A minimum of one private lesson a week is highly recommended to experience optimal progress in technique and abilities. BC Artistry LLC requires an initial three month commitment period at the onset of private dance lessons to allow for highest quality service.

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting your dance artistry

or if you require more information.


"Miss Brittany has been working with my daughter for the last two months and we cannot believe how much progress she already has made.  Brittany has patience like no other.  She is kind, helpful, and extremely educated in her field.  She makes ballet interesting and fun.

Annabella's technique has improved significantly since Miss Brittany has been working with her.  We are so grateful for the knowledge and kindness she has shared with our daughter and we would highly recommend her!"

                    - Stacy & Annabella, Current Private Client & Student

"Miss Brittany is there for me on a personal level and is a

mentor to me. I have learned anatomy and physiology in terms of becoming flexible, preventing injury, and becoming stable [while dancing]. I would reccomend her because she prevents injury, while strengthening and releasing muscles."

                    - Hayley H., 12 week program dance student

"Miss Brittany always brings out the best in me to help me improve. I have learned how to take care of my body better, and how to prevent injury.

                                          - T., Current Private Student


Let's Dance Together!

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