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 Having a goal is great,  

 but having a plan is how you reach it!

I created this weekly training schedule template to help you stay clear in your training activity & stay motivated on the path to reaching your dance goals at home!

Push Up

Individual Services

Each of my services is designed to support individual dance needs with education and science, all with the mission of helping your passion for dance shine in performances!


One-on-one programs allow for dancers to understand their bodies, correct their weaknesses and habits, and apply what they learn to their dance technique to rapidly improve overall ability. Dancers receive consistent communication, guidance, and encouragement throughout their invovlement in these services.

Areas for development in Dance:

 Stability, Alignment, Strength, Flexibility, Technique, Endurance

Take my

Free Dance Training Assessment

to find out which areas you can

develop to improve your dance abilities!

Free Dance Training Assessment

Register with BCA to discover if your dance training meets your needs and explore new ways to improve your dance abilities!

From beginners through skilled dancers ages seven and up, BC Artistry’s services include individualized preparation for:  

  • Competitions 

  • Dance Studio Acknowledgement

  • Professional Workshops

  • Secondary and Higher Education Auditions

  • General Technique Classes 

  • Professional Company Auditions

Examples of dancer achievement under the guidance of BC Artistry include:

  • Acceptance into American Ballet Theatre Certified School of Ballet at the Mason Gross School of the Arts' Junior and Pre-Conservatory Program

  • Title Achievement at Nation Talent/Dance Competitions

  • Acceptance into Performing Arts High School Dance Programs

1:1 Technique Intensive

Are you a passionate dancer who dreams and wishes...

- To advance to a higher class or technique level?

- To improve your abilities to perform a specific skill?
- Judges would give you higher scores at competition?

- Teachers would call on you to demonstrate skills and technique in classes?
- For acceptance into top dance school and program?
- To return to dance while managing an existing injury?
- To improve your ability to perform choreography?

Make those dreams a reality with a personalized dance education and training intensive!


Benefit from Brittany's 20+ years of training and researching as a dancer, teacher, and dance science specialist.

  • Personalized Feedback - Helping you build awareness, address poor habits, and improve technique!

  • Customized Corrections & Technique Break Downs 

  • A Personalized Plan for how to Improve your abilities

The first step is to talk about your passion!

12 Week Small Group Training
#DanceSmarter Training Program


Do you find yourself working hard to improve in your dance classes...

but still unable to IMPROVE?

When you perform and take class, do you often think...

Why can't I do this?

- Why does it hurt?

Do you often feel or hear that you need...

- more flexibility?

- more strength?

- more control?

- better technique?

- better stamina?

If ​you said yes to any of these questions, it is time for you to get the TOOLS to help you safely improve your dance abilties! Join a small group training program that gives you a community to thrive in and the resources you need to reach your personal goals.


The first step is to discuss your desires and see if this program would be a good fit!

Training Plan

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"Miss Brittany has been working with my daughter for the last two months and we cannot believe how much progress she already has made.  Brittany has patience like no other.  She is kind, helpful, and extremely educated in her field.  She makes ballet interesting and fun.

Annabella's technique has improved significantly since Miss Brittany has been working with her.  We are so grateful for the knowledge and kindness she has shared with our daughter and we would highly recommend her!"

                    - Stacy & Annabella, Current Private Client & Student

"Miss Brittany is there for me on a personal level and is a

mentor to me. I have learned anatomy and physiology in terms of becoming flexible, preventing injury, and becoming stable [while dancing]. I would reccomend her because she prevents injury, while strengthening and releasing muscles."

                    - Hayley H., 12 week program dance student

"Miss Brittany always brings out the best in me to help me improve. I have learned how to take care of my body better, and how to prevent injury.

​           - T., Current Private Student

"Simply put, Brittany knows her stuff. She knows how to teach proper technique to prevent injury. She knows the way the body works and she relates well to teens. Most of all, if you put in the work, you see the results."

                       - Kelly A., Current Client

Training Plans
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