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I believe resistance bands to be so important to dancer development and care that I gift a band to each of my dancers for their first session! I can not emphasis how great they are for all types of training and awareness. Versatile in use, resistance bands can be used to progress stability in all joints and strengthen the muscles that support them.

Loop resistance bands are great for working on stability in one joint while developing muscle strength through motion of another joint. They add a bit more of a challenge to your training to increase your abilities.

Tightness in the body is the enemy to free-flowing and pain free movements. It is imperative that dancers learn to release tissue in the body with gentle massage. This can be done easily with assistance from the following equipment. Foam rollers are great for lower body release. A handheld roller can be used anywhere from the base of the neck to the bottom of the feet. A tennis ball or double ball roller is great for pressure points or relieving tension from muscle "knots", anywhere from your shoulders to your thighs. There are no limits to where tightness can exist in the your muscle and fascia tissues, and there don't have to be limits in your abilities to release that tightness and dance better either! 

Have questions about how you can use the equipment on this list? Check my social media pages for some tips or contact me for more guidance so you can start feeling and dancing better!

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