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Progressive Technique & Conditioning Program for Studios

Are you looking to take your Competitive Team or Performance Company to the next level?


We will work together to design a comprehensive and progressive program that will help your dancers improve their abilities.


Dancers can be guided through training in areas of flexibility and ROM, strength and power, stability and balance, and/or breath work and fitness.


All programs will help dancers to improve their alignment, technique, and performance outcomes.

Program workshop can be offered:

- both in person or virtually 

- in progression on monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly sessions

(duration of program is dependent on goals & design of the program)

Let's get your students dancing at their best for even more success at your studio!

Studio Workshops for Dancers

Gather your community of dancers for an engaging opportunity to develop their artistry.  Workshops are designed with your dancers' and studio's goals in mind while developing understanding and awareness. Specific themes or focuses for the workshops could include anatomy for young dancers, injury prevention & management, development of a specific dance skill, partner work, inversions and floor work, or yoga for dancers (Brittany is a certified Yoga Instructor).


Studio Workshops for Teachers

Support the teachers at your studio with opportunities for continuing education. BC Artistry offers workshops for teachers in the areas of injury prevention & management, anatomy within the aesthetics of dance, warm-up and cool down techniques, and safely structuring dance classes for various ages & levels to help ensure that your dancers are being taught with  wellness and safety in mind. These workshops will support and enhance the services your studio offers. 

Contact me to discuss the needs and goals of your dance community!

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